Memorial Telehealth: Smart, convenient care from the comfort of your own home.

Get expert advice directly from an Orthopedic provider, from the safety and convenience of your home. Many of your office visits, appointments, and post-surgical check-ins can be done from virtually anywhere that's convenient for you. Memorial Healthcare offers a safe and simple telehealth experience where you receive personal, one-on-one care and attention from your team of expert providers.

Schedule your telehealth visit today!

Contact our telehealth team today to schedule your appointment and answer any questions you might have. Our team will walk you through the process, schedule your appointment, and make sure you are comfortable with the telehealth platform.

    Telehealth, it’s simple to sign up and even easier to use.

    Whether you are a new or existing patient, getting started with a telehealth visit is easy. Once you request a telehealth visit, our team will work with you to schedule a day and time that works best for you. All you need is a smartphone, and with one click, you'll start your telehealth visit with your provider. No IT expertise required.

    Get real advice, from a real provider.

    Do you have an injury that continues to affect your daily activities? Or maybe a sports injury that continues to linger, but you keep putting off seeing a provider? Waiting to see a provider can negatively impact your quality of life, or worse, result in life-threatening consequences. Our telehealth visits make it easy to schedule a visit to meet with one of our orthopedic specialists who can put you on a path to health, fast. Recommendations during telehealth visits can range from ice, rest, elevation, physical therapy, and corticosteroid injections, to potential recommendations for surgery. Telehealth visits can start your path to health.

    Decrease post-op recovery time with more frequent visits

    For post-op patients, telehealth visits can be a convenient and fast option for your follow up visits to see how your body is healing and answer any questions. Your time is valuable and we know it. Schedule your telehealth visit today.

    It’s just like a regular office visit. And your insurance covers it.

    You have questions about telehealth. Is it covered by insurance? If I have a telehealth visit and I still have to come in will I have to pay twice? Can my medical advocate/spouse join my telehealth visit if I want? Did you know if you have a telehealth visit and we need a follow up in-person visit you don’t get charged for that in-person visit? Here are a few details to help answer your questions. You can also contact our scheduling and onboarding team to walk you through what to expect.